Hoffman e-newsletter | June 2020
Refresh and revitalise yourself with our NEW Essential workshops
The Hoffman Essentials is a new series of online workshops that provide you with tools for life. Each workshop offers taught sessions with solo exercises, visualisations and activities away from the screen.

The Hoffman Essentials is offered via Zoom in a one-day or two-day format – the longer the course, the deeper the immersion. Both will introduce you to Hoffman techniques and practices that you can take away and use immediately.

Workshops are limited to 14 people and led by two members of the Hoffman team, providing a small and safe environment.

Hoffman Essentials 1: Sunday 28 June, 2020. Our one-day offers a brief dip into the Hoffman tools.
Workshop Price £100 or £80* early bird booking .

This extended workshop is accompanied by a pre-course call and post-course follow up, as well as giving you more opportunity to feel into the exercises and techniques. Participants on the two-day course will also receive a £100 discount voucher off the Hoffman Process.
Workshop Price £250 or £195* early bird booking .

To find out more about both workshops and to book your place(s), CLICK HERE
*Early bird bookings have a deadline and are offered on first come first served basis
You are very welcome to join our fortnightly  Introduction to Hoffman  Zoom sessions, led by Hoffman Managing Director Serena Gordon (pictured).

These evenings offer the chance to find out more about the Hoffman Process, the history of Hoffman, and an overview of the tools and techniques. Serena will explain about the Hoffman Process as well as our new Essentials workshops (advertised above). The Zoom session is informal in tone, and you can either ask questions in person or via the chat box function.

We are currently waiting to hear whether the UK government will allow the hospitality sector to re-open and we are preparing in advance to offer a socially distanced Hoffman Process. You can ask more about our plans on the call.

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm (UK time). Log in from 7.15pm
Platform : Zoom

To register, simply email enrolment@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk and we'll send you full instructions and the meeting ID.
Stella Horgan is a Supervising Hoffman facilitator with the UK team and i s the founder and leader of several Non Profit Organisations in her native South Africa.

'The Process revealed to me how I’d learned to behave in response to the context I grew up in – a strict nuclear family in an authoritarian country... It allowed me to identify the reasons I was unable to engage my life and creativity, to get ahead and be functional. I desperately wanted to be effective, doing creative, transformational work in the world. I was doing the equivalent of pressing down hard on the accelerator while not having the vehicle in gear.

How freeing it was to realise that I could change my behaviours. On the course, I made contact with a deeper part of myself that has tremendous wisdom, integrity and kindness. I found I could be part of the world and contribute. I was VALID...'

To read Stella's Process story and find out more about her grassroots campaigning work in South Africa, click here
We may be working remotely, but the Hoffman enrolment team is still available on the phone or via email , and happy to answer any questions you might have about the Process.

A one-to-one assessment call gives you time to discuss what happens on the course in detail, and also to decide whether it's right for you at this time. If you do then go on to register, you're already a step ahead!

The calls are completely confidential, and you don't need to have registered for a course to book a slot.

Call us on 01903 88 99 90 or email enrolment@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk and we'll take it from there.
Imagine being able to face all the changes in the world as a new version of yourself...

With relaxation of the lockdown rules affecting the UK hospitality industry anticipated to take place from early July, we're optimistic that we may be able to offer a bespoke, fully risk-assessed version of the Hoffman Process from the end of next month.

You can register online for any Hoffman Process that has availability by clicking the orange link and paying a £500 deposit. Our enrolment team will contact you, and if it turns out that the Process isn't right for you at this time - or it's postponed due to circumstances beyond our control - we'll refund your deposit in full.

July 25-31: Available
August 8-14: Available

A full list of 2020 Hoffman Process dates can be found here .
* When a Process is on a wait list, a place may still become available. Ring the office on +44(0)1903 88 99 90
The slogan may have been ‘all in it together’, but each person’s experience of lockdown has been uniquely different. For some, it has meant weeks of isolation, for others, a lot more time crammed indoors with housemates, family or children. Some people have struggled with having seemingly endless time to fill, while others have barely stopped to take a breath. Some have been seriously ill, while others have embraced a new exercise regime and are now fitter than they’ve ever been.

But what we all have in common is the shared experience of an extraordinary few months, where our day-to-day routine suddenly stopped being our day-to-day routine. We’ve all experienced change.

As we edge towards the next phase of ‘achieving normality’, Hoffman features editor Nikki Wyatt looks at five lessons we can learn from this transformative time.

To read Nikki's article, click here
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