Hoffman graduate e-newsletter | December 2018
The Hoffman interview: with Dr Gabor Maté
Dr Gabor Maté is an internationally renowned authority in the fields of trauma, addiction, childhood development and AD(H)D. He is also an acclaimed speaker, the author of four bestselling books – and a Hoffman graduate. In 2018, Dr Maté was awarded the Order of Canada in recognition of his work on mind-body unity and the necessity for social change.

We are delighted that Dr Maté took the time to speak to Hoffman while he was in the UK promoting the 10th anniversary re-release of his award-winning work In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction , published last month by Vermillion.

In the interview, Dr Maté shares his thoughts on trauma, addiction, resilience and authenticity, as well as why 'the essence of Hoffman, as I experienced it, was to restore the connection to the authentic self...'

You can read the full interview on our website, here
and find out about upcoming UK speaking dates in June on https://drgabormate.com.

Gabor has also recently featured in podcasts with Dr Rangan Chatterjee , which you can find here and with Russell Brand, which you can find here.
Hoffman features in Goop podcast
We've noticed a few people on our social media accounts recommending a podcast from Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop where Hoffman is mentioned.

It's an interview between Goop's Elise Loehnen and psychiatrist and parenting expert Robin Berman M.D. called How to move on from your imperfect childhood from earlier this year. Whether you've done the Process or not, it's well worth a listen.

Dr Berman argues that ' If you can't forgive yourself, and you can't forgive your parents, then you are constantly a victim...' and explores how unlearning the belief systems you've picked up in childhood and compassionately harnessing the lessons of an imperfect childhood can actually be 'rocket fuel to a magnificent development'.

You can stream the podcast here (instructions on how to download it are here). If you don't like podcasts, there's an article from Dr Berman exploring similar themes here.
For more Hoffman on Goop, click here
This year's 'must-have' Christmas gift...
...is apparently a toy Unicorn that poops rainbow slime. But if that doesn't take your fancy and you're looking for something a little more memorable, we still have a couple of places remaining on our Winter Retreat at Broughton Hall.

The Winter Retreat will be led by Hoffman Facilitators Janet Burgis and Emma Ferguson. It will cover post-Process Hoffman work only usually found on the Q2: 3-day refresher and our hugely-popular French Retreat, interwoven with unparalleled relaxation opportunities in extraordinary surroundings.

Combined with a range of self-care treatments available at Broughton's wellbeing centre Avalon, the Winter Retreat offers a brand-new experience that's part festive indulgence but still 100% Hoffman. Plus, you can do this retreat with a friend, partner or family member, as long as they've also done the Process. The perfect stocking-filler for a loved one (perhaps that that loved one is yourself..?)

A very limited number of places on the Winter Retreat are still available. For more information and to book, click here.
Hoffman in the Middle East this December
Hoffman UK co-founder Tim Laurence
There will be three chances for Hoffman grads to meet up in the Middle East this December, in Kuwait, Dubai and Bahrain.

Wednesday 5 December, 6pm-8pm, Kuwait
Graduate Support Group with Hoffman UK co-founder and author of You Can Change Your Life, Tim Laurence
An evening to connect with other Hoffman grads and reconnect with Hoffman tools, organised with the support of the wonderful team at The Proteges in Kuwait.
For more information, click here .

Saturday 8 December, 7pm-9pm Dubai
Graduate Support Group with Tim Laurence
An evening to connect with other Hoffman grads and reconnect with Hoffman tools, organised with the support of Hoffman grad Zeina Mobassaleh.
For more information, click here.

Monday 17 December, 6-8pm, Bahrain
IIN Health Coach and Hoffman graduate Hala Alqassab will be hosting a social meet up of Hoffman graduates in Saar, Bahrain. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail: halaalqassab@gmail.com
By popular demand - NEW Reconnection Day in January
Yesterday's Reconnection Day had a record-breaking wait list, so Jeremy has kindly agreed to facilitate another one...

Hoffman  Reconnection Days  refresh your Hoffman learning. Revisit the tools and techniques, ask questions about any you're not clear on and work through any current issues in your life, facilitated by a member of the Hoffman team, in the company of a supportive group of fellow Hoffies. If you’re facing a life challenge - at work, in a relationship, or with health, stress or self-esteem - don't feel you need to keep going it alone - reconnect!

Led by: Hoffman supervising facilitator Jeremy Kynaston

For more information and to book, click here
London festive gathering - next Saturday night!
Our Hoffman festive gathering in London is next weekend, on Saturday 8th December from 7.00pm-10.00pm.

Hoffie grads, family and friends are all invited for an evening of fun and frivolity with a vaguely festive theme. There will be refreshments, creative makes, party games if people want them - and the chance to join the first outing of the Hoffman instant choir...

Hoffman grad, classical soprano and vocal coach Zoe Bonner , will be leading our impromptu flock of Hoffman songbirds, ensuring that everyone is given a vocal task that suits their unique talents:

Zoe says, 'There's a Zimbabwean proverb: If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing. ..' Time to put that theory to the test...

For full details and to book, click here
Manchester brunch and bowling
Recharge your batteries at our brunch and bowling meet-up in Manchester on  Saturday 22 December!

This very special gathering is being co-ordinated by Senior Hoffman Facilitator Emma Ferguson. Kick off your shoes, put the Christmas planning to one side for a couple of hours and focus on fun, with brunch, bowling and a bit of Hoffie reconnection thrown in for good measure.

This very special daytime event will take place at  All Star Lanes   in Deansgate. We’ll meet at 11.00am with (optional) brunch and then we’ve got private lanes booked for bowling from 12.00 noon-1.00pm. Come on your own, with fellow Hoffies, or bring along friends and family. All are welcome.

Full details of costs, booking and timings are available  here

Hoffman-led regional support groups
Start the New Year by recommitting to your Hoffman energy, with the support of other grads in your area:

Bristol HOURS, 10 Colston Yard, BS1 5BD
Led by: Eliza Meredith
For more information and to book, click here

Sussex : Upstairs at Six , Western Road, Hove, BN3 1FA
Led by: Serena Gordon
For more information and to book, click here

London : Violet Hill Studios, London NW8 9EB
Led by: Serena Gordon
For more information and to book, click here
Closure: Re-experience the ceremony of integration
Closure evenings  are held on Process Thursdays from 5pm. They're open to all Hoffman graduates, regardless of where and when you did your Process - w e also love to see Process groups returning on their anniversary.
Re-experience the ceremony of integration, celebrate with new grads, share your Post-Process experience and recommit to your Hoffman Vow. Dinner is on us. 

Florence House (East Sussex)
10 January  with Mairi, Eliza and Jeremy
31 January with Eliza, Mairi and Holger
7 February with Matthew, Jeremy and Nita
21 February with Eliza, Jeremy and Maria

Click here   for a full list of Closure dates. There's no charge for Closure, but please do  email and let us know  if you're planning to come.
Hoffman events for family and friends
* When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for details.
Information Evenings:

Information Phone-In:

Introduction Day:

Process Dates:
December 8-14: Wait List*
January 5-11: Wait List*
February 2-8: Available
February 16-22: Available

For a full calendar of Hoffman Process dates, click here.
December's Top Tip: Precycle!
At this time of year, we can find ourselves being pressured to spend a lot of time with people who we don't see very often, we don't usually socialise with or that we wouldn't normally 'hang out' with by choice. Expectations are raised, social awkwardness is rife and it can be a bumper time for our patterns, as tempers fray and resentments surface.

If you're feeling tense about an upcoming gathering or encounter, you could try giving it the pre-cycling treatment. The pre-cycling tool is like the recycling tool, but takes place in a visualised future scenario. Identify your pattern and work it through - you'll feel better before you even arrive...

Brush up on your recycling and pre-cycling techniques in the Hoffman toolkit section of our website, here.

You'll need the post-Process password, which is 'support'
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