'Having completed the Process at the beginning of February 2020, I could not be more grateful in these times of lockdown and physical distancing, to have invested in Hoffman.

I felt part of a family at every step, held in a space of care, love and compassion and with my privacy and confidentiality fully respected... The sense of community I feel is tremendous and when I close my eyes, I imagine my arms stretched up, holding hands with the whole Hoffman community across the world. It’s a powerful feeling to know deep within that I belong, I’m lovable and I can love so many.

Hoffman for me is not just a week - 'that's done, so I can tick the box' - but a journey and a lifestyle, supported by a growing international community of diverse, beautiful souls. The aftercare has been such a blessing in the pandemic and if there were ever silver linings, then I would say that Hoffman is very definitely a major one...'

We'd like to thank Rachel for sharing her Process Story. 
To read the article in full on our website, click here

For more about Rachel's work as a coach & mentor, click here
We’d like to thank journalist Anna Maxted for including Hoffman in her recent relationship feature in The Telegraph, as well as Hoffman graduates Grania and Niall Haigh (pictured) for agreeing to be interviewed. 

The full article, 'Lockdown-proof your marriage' also features Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Matthew Pruen, who runs our Hoffman relationship workshops with his wife Emma.

We particularly loved this comment about self-compassion from Niall; 'The Hoffman Process forces you to have compassion for parts of yourself, and understanding of parts of yourself that you really haven’t dared to venture into as an adult for so long. But you start to see that and be aware of it in others and see others more completely because you’ve been encouraged to see it in yourself.'

To read the article in full, click here
Our next couples relationship workshop with Matthew is here
Great news for anyone working in a professional sector where you're required to keep a record of Continuous Professional Development credits - two new online Hoffman courses have now been accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

The residential Hoffman Process has been accredited since 2018 (and at 63 hours of credit, is enough to complete most sectors' annual requirement in a week). We're delighted that the Hoffman Essentials (11.5 hours) has now achieved the same status.

Anyone whose workplace provides CPD funding can now use their CPD allowance to fund any of our accredited courses - so please do spread the word if you've family or friends who you think might be able to benefit in this way.

To check Hoffman Process availability, click here
For more about The Hoffman Essentials, click here.
Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence has been studying the Enneagram for more than 30 years and completed his Enneagram Professional Training in the USA.

Join Tim for three specially-designed Saturday morning workshops that will explore the nine Types of this fascinating system. To give more time and attention to each Type, Tim has grouped them into what are sometimes referred to as the three Centres: Head, Body and Heart - with each workshop focusing on one Centre.

No prior knowledge of the Enneagram is needed to attend these workshops, but if you do already know your Type, you'll benefit from deeper understanding.

Times: 9.30am -1.00pm, with a mid-morning screen break.
Cost: £30 per workshop, or £75 for all three

For more information and to book, click here

The Hoffman Essentials is an online weekend workshop that provides you with tools for life. Featuring taught sessions, solo exercises, visualisations and activities away from the screen, this stand alone two-day course will introduce you to Hoffman techniques and practices that you can take away and use immediately. A post-course follow up meeting is also included in the price.

Workshops are led by two members of the Hoffman team, and numbers are limited to provide a small and safe environment. What's more, all participants on The Hoffman Essentials receive a £100 discount voucher towards a Hoffman Process booking. And now, it's accredited for CPD!

We're currently offering an Early Bird rate on all Hoffman Essentials dates in February, March and April.

To see all upcoming dates and to book, click here
'The Hoffman Essentials experience online is a revelation. This is a truly immersive process - don't let the online platform fool you into thinking it is a passive webinar! If you truly make yourself available to this, it will offer you the opportunity to experience transformation in your life. Yes, it's THAT good...' J, November 2020 attendee
Join Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Emma Ferguson for a full week of morning meditation.

The benefits of meditation are well-documented, but dedicating the time to maintain and sustain a regular, committed practice on your own can be challenging. So for a full seven days, we invite you to wake up and wonder with Emma by your side. Still your mind, allow the space to guide you, and explore what happens when there is nothing to do but breathe… All welcome, no prior experience necessary.

Time: 6.30am until 7.00am GMT
Cost: £25 for the full week (seven sessions)
Platform: Zoom

For more information and to book, click here

All are welcome to join our fortnightly Introduction to Hoffman Zoom sessions, led by Hoffman Managing Director Serena Gordon (pictured).

These informal evenings offer the chance to find out more about the Hoffman principles, the seven-day Hoffman Process, and the other online courses that we offer. If you've got any questions about what happens on the Process, The Hoffman Essentials, or our other workshops, you can ask them in person or use Zoom's chat box to remain anonymous.

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm (UK time). Log in from 7.15pm
Platform: Zoom

To register, simply email info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk and we'll send you full instructions and the meeting ID.

You're also welcome to call the Hoffman office during office hours on +44(0)1903 88 99 90 and a member of the team will be happy to speak with you.
On this one-day workshop, you’ll identify what drives your compulsive behaviours. Why you do them. What it is that you do. And how to break the cycle.

Join Supervising Hoffman facilitators and addiction experts, Emma Ferguson and Mairi Russell and learn ways to connect to your true self and to what’s possible.

Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm, BST
Platform: Zoom
Cost: £120

For more information and to book, click here
Transference is reacting to others the way we learned to react to our parents. When we react, we go into our patterns, which results in us being unable to communicate with, or see, that person clearly and objectively.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to become aware of your reactions and the patterns you go into. Working on that awareness gives us the choice to respond appropriately, rather than react to the people and situations in our lives, and to explore ways to communicate more openly and clearly with others.

Led by: Supervising Hoffman UK facilitator, Jeremy Kynaston
Time: 7.30-9.30pm GMT
Cost: £15

For more information and to book, click here

Don’t keep negative energy trapped inside any longer. Join Emma Ferguson (pictured) for an evening of movement and music, where she’ll lead us in in a specially-prepared interactive session, designed to release some of that pent-up tension in true Hoffman style.

Emma has already run a few Expresso! events with our graduate community, to a hugely positive response. If you've noticed yourself feeling tense, anxious, frustrated or stressed lately, we promise that you'll find it a ‘moving’ experience in more ways than one!
Led by: Supervising Hoffman teacher Emma Ferguson
Time: 7.30-9.00pm (GMT)
Platform: Zoom
Cost: £10

For more information and to book, click here
The Essentials Tune-Up is a standalone evening webinar for people who have already done The Hoffman Essentials, led by Supervising Hoffman facilitator Jeremy Kynsaton.

You’ll revisit the Cycle of Transformation, reconnect to your Quadrinity, (the four aspects of self), then re-experience some of the tools and practices you learned, taking some another step. There will also be time to ask any questions you may have about the tools and practices.

Time: 7.30pm (UK) until 9.30pm
Led by: Supervising Hoffman UK facilitator, Jeremy Kynaston
Cost: £15

For more information and to book, click here or to visit the post-Essentials section of our website, click here
Certified yoga teacher, trainer and Hoffman graduate, Lou Ferguson and her sister, Supervising Hoffman facilitator Emma Ferguson, have developed a new practice – Quadrinity Yoga – to share with everyone, whether you have done the Hoffman Process or not.

Each hour-long session will combine the gentle rhythms of Vinyasa Flow yoga with visualisations using Hoffman themes, specially designed to bring our four aspects of self into alignment.

All are welcome to attend the first free trial session on Thursday 11 March. Weekly sessions will continue every Thursday morning until 15 April, and can be block-booked for a one-off fee of £35.

Dates: Weekly from Thursday 11 March to 15 April
Time: 7.00am – 8.00am (UK time)
Cost: £35 for six sessions (includes free trial)

For more information and to book, click here
If you're interested in signing up to a Hoffman Process later in the year, our friendly enrolment team is available on the phone or via email, and happy to answer any questions you might have.

A one-to-one assessment call gives you time to discuss what happens on the course in detail, and also to decide whether it's right for you. If you do then go on to register, you're already a step ahead! The calls are completely confidential, and you don't need to have registered for a course to book an appointment.

Call us on 01903 88 99 90 or email enrolment@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk and we'll take it from there.
We have postponed Processes until March in East Sussex, but you can still register for later dates. 

We have reduced the number of places on each course to 18 participants, allowing for appropriate social distancing and single accommodation for all attendees. There have been some practical modifications made to the course logistics to ensure health and safety guidelines are adhered to; other than that, the Hoffman Process content remains the same. Our courses are filling up fast, so early registration is advised.

March 13-19: Available
April 3-9: Available
April 17-23: Available
May 1-7: Available
May 22-28: Available
June 5-11: Available
June 19-25: Available

Questions? You can all the Hoffman office during office hours on +44(0)1903 88 99 90 or email info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk.
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