Hoffman Graduate E-newsletter | July 2018
'My journey back to earth' with Tiana Jacout of Woman Fest
Tiana Jacout spent much of her early life running away from pain, and not via a scenic route. Eventually she found spiritual peace at an ashram in India – then realised that she was still weighed down with emotional baggage that she hadn’t unpacked.

'I was vegetarian, meditating every day, practicing yoga, filling my mind with untold wisdom and feeding my spirit, how – HOW? – could there be parts of me that were still unhappy?

I felt so strong spiritually, and yet I continued to hold anger, to feel triggered. If I skipped a day of meditation, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt like I’d failed, as if there was something I wasn’t doing right, and I just needed to find it. I also began to recognise the different parts of myself – and that self-reflection was a huge teacher...'

To read Tiana's full interview,  click here.

To find out more about Woman Fest,  click here.
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Either call the office on +44 (0)1903 88 99 90 or click to email: info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk
'My wife did the Hoffman Process' by Dan Williamson
Some of you may have had a partner who did the Process before you and you had no idea what they were going to do or how to support them when they came back.

When Dan Williamson's wife decided to do the Hoffman Process, he wasn't entirely sure what it was she was signing up for - or what he and their young son could expect when she returned:

'We talked about it, but even Karen couldn’t really explain it. It wasn’t psychotherapy, or counselling, or life coaching, or mindfulness, or anything else I suggested. I couldn’t put a label on it. Eventually, I just let go of trying to pigeonhole it and decided I’d just have to trust it all...

If it takes just seven days for your partner to discover and to ‘move-on' from the thing that has haunted them for years, then it doesn’t matter what it’s called or what it is. All that matters is that you support them to do it, allow them the space to explore and be a part of the new and beautiful world when they return.'

To read Dan's full story,  click here.

If you have a partner who went on the Process and you stayed at home, or if you were in that position before you did the Process, we would be interested to hear your tips on how we can support you as well as how to integrate someone when they return. Email us or call: 01903 88 99 90
Hoffman Parenting Workshop in October
We’d all like our children to be able to cooperate, communicate and persevere with resilience, but how often do we examine our own grasp and practice of those skills?

Our specially-developed Hoffman  Foundations in Parenting workshop focuses on the emotional nurturing of babies and children through the early years (from ages 0-12) and how our own behavioural patterns impact on our role as their caregivers. This one-day workshop is led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and Parenting Coach Michelle Matthews.

Date:  Saturday 27 October, 9.00am-5.00pm
Venue:   The Welsh Chapel ,  Clapham, SW11 1PQ
Cost:  £65 per person/£120 for two people

Click here  for full information and to book.
Half Hoffman, Half Holiday: The French Retreat
Come and spend some time in the Hoffman pleasure zone this September. 

Our five-day Hoffman retreat is held in France at the home of Supervising Hoffman Teacher Matthew Pruen and his wife, Emma, a self-esteem mentor and shamanic practitioner. The location is their beautiful house near Bordeaux and Bergerac and the retreat offers you time to reconnect to the Hoffman tools, as well as learning some new techniques and spending time with other Hoffman graduates. Each afternoon is free for you to have a massage, walk, read, go on some local trips with plenty of time to relax by the pool with your Quadrinity... 

Venue : La Loge, 16210 Yviers, Bordeaux/Bergerac, France
Cost : £995 per person, to cover all tuition, food, accommodation and airport transfers
Click here  for more information and booking details
Hoffman-led regional support groups
Regional Hoffman meet-ups are a fun way to keep your Process insights alive. In a relaxed environment, you have a safe space to share authentically, deepen your learning, build a support network with local Hoffman graduates, have fun and reconnect to your Hoffman Toolkit.

Bristol:  HOURS, 10 Colston Yard, BS1 5BD
Date: Wednesday 4 July 7.00pm-9.00pm
Led by: Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith
For more information and to book, click here

London: Violet Hill Studios, London NW8 9EB
Date: Wednesday 11 July, 7.00pm-9.00pm
Led by: Hoffman UK co-founder and MD Serena Gordon
For more information and to book, click here
Come and enjoy Closure and the pavolva of love
Click here  for a full list of Closure dates.
Come and welcome the new geese at Florence House...

Closure evenings are held on Thursdays from 5pm and are open to all Hoffman graduates, regardless of where and when you did your Process. Celebrate with new Hoffman graduates, share your Post-Process experience, recommit to your Vow and dust off your dance moves... Dinner at Florence House (including the infamous 'pavlova of love') is on us.

We love to see Process groups returning on their anniversary and welcome graduates who did their Process overseas.

26 July: with Janet, Emma and Mairi

Please  email and let us know  if you're planning to come to Closure. 
Remember that you cannot attend the Closure of a spouse or child, though we would love to see you at their Welcome Home.
Hoffman events for family and friends
*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for details.
Information Evenings:

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Introduction Day:

Process Dates:
August 4-10: Wait List*
August 25-31: Wait List*
September 15-21: Wait List*
October 6-12: Available
October 20-26: Available
November 3-9: Available

For a full calendar of Hoffman Processes, click here.
July's Top Tip: Make time to relax in your Sanctuary
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Enjoy a bit of quiet time in your Sanctuary today.

Make yourself at home and, if you like, put on some quiet background music. Recall your Sanctuary. Experience the beautiful landscape, the sound of birds, the sunlight, your tree of life. You may find that things have grown since you last visited. You may also find that there are some areas that need some attention. Wander over and sit by your river of life, watch the flow of the water and marvel at the energy it brings. Enjoy the peace, calm and safety you have available in this beautiful place.

Remember that you can invite others to join you in your Sanctuary. This is a wonderful place for you to relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy their friendship.

You can always visit our Hoffman post-Process page to listen to some visualisations to keep you supported and connected.

Click here for the post-Process vis page, the password is: support. Click here  to order your copy of the Hoffman Graduate Journal .
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