Hoffman UK Graduate E-newsletter | March 2017
Living in an emotional storm...
How to find and keep the love you want
When her first marriage came to an end, Wilma Mae Basta started to wonder whether a lack of self-knowledge and a 'winging it' approach were to blame for its failure;

'There was something mysterious and esoteric about the concept of a life union. It was something that I grew up expecting to do, but I had almost zero understanding of what marriage was, and not a lot of understanding of who I was. So, unsurprisingly, the marriage failed...'

When life threw up the opportunity for a second marriage, Wilma Mae and her new husband Victor were determined to approach any hurdles with better tools and greater clarity. But, even after they'd both done the Hoffman Process, it wasn't always smooth sailing.

' When Victor came back from Hoffman, he was all sunshine, love and happiness – but I still felt as if I was living in an emotional storm. I was resentful because I‘d helped to get him fixed but there was no one to fix me...'

To read their honest account of a marriage saved from the brink, click here
Wilma Mae and Victor Basta

We'll be announcing some dates for our very special Hoffman Relationship Workshops soon. Keep an eye on your inbox!
Goldie: The Journey Man
Fabulous new album from musician, artist & DJ

Hoffman Graduate Clifford Price MBE is better known by his stage name Goldie. Goldie initially gained exposure for his work as a graffiti artist in the 1980s, and then became well known in the 90s for his work as a producer, DJ and musician. As well as a career spanning art and music, he also has an impressive list of acting credits, ranging from Bond films to Eastenders and has appeared in a number of celebrity reality television shows.

Goldie's new LP Journey Man is set for launch in June, and he tells us that much of the album has been inspired by his journey before and after Hoffman. There might be a treat or two in there for fellow Hoffies... We can't wait to hear it.

You can listen to Goldie being interviewed recently by DJ Target on Radio One here and listen to 'I Adore You', the first single from Journey Man, here

'I had all the money in the world, but I wasn't happy... Hoffman really really unpacked a box in my life...'
Goldie speaking recently on Radio 1.
Photo credit: Chelone Wolf
An evening with Tim Laurence
 Monday 20 March, Alternatives, London

Many of you will have worked with or met Tim Laurence, Hoffman supervising teacher and founder of Hoffman UK. His book You Can Change Your Life is now on its second edition, and is available in nine languages.

Tim trained with Bob Hoffman back in the 80s and is one of the most experienced teachers of the Hoffman Process around the world. 

The talk, called Can We Ever Really Change? will look at the ways that we can change - and at the wisdom of leaving aside what we can't. 

Join Tim at Alternatives, 197 Piccadilly, W1 on Monday 20 March 2017, 7- 8.30pm. This evening is a perfect opportunity to bring friends and family and to hear more about Hoffman and the healing path of transformation. Doors open 6.30pm

‘You need to change yourself first - only after that will real changes happen in your life.’
Tim Laurence
Bristol Support Group with Eliza
Tuesday 11 April, at Hours, Bristol
Following on from the wonderful graduate support group last year, Hoffman supervising Teacher, Eliza Meredith (pictured) is running another special Hoffman evening for all graduates in the south west region. 

Come along and deepen your Hoffman experience, meet other local graduates, dust off your tool kit and reconnect to the Hoffman magic. 

Date: Tuesday 11 April
Time: 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start - 9pm.
Cost: £15 per person
VenueHOURS, Colston Yard, Bristol BS1 5BD

Spaces are limited so early booking advised. 

"Being guided through some Hoffman tools was just what I needed to get back on track.
Geese should stick together!" 2016 graduate

  Eliza Meredith hosting the Bristol Support Group
Reconnection Day with Sam
Saturday 25 March, London
The Hoffman reconnection day gives you the perfect opportunity to revisit the Hoffman tools and visualisations in a supportive, Hoffman-teacher-led environment. 

For many people, sustaining the tools in everyday life can be challenging. But don't worry, come and join us on this experiential day of total immersion back into the Hoffman world. Honk Honk!

Date: Saturday 25 March
Time: 9.00am for a prompt 9.30am start - 5pm.
Cost: £90 per person
Venue: Guild of Psychotherapists, London

  Sam Cotton hosting the Reconnection Day
Calling all therapists & counsellors

Our enrolment team regularly receive booking enquiries from people for whom it's not quite the right time to do the Process, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this can be because the pain of a bereavement or relationship breakup is still too raw, occasionally addiction or post-trauma issues are active; sometimes there are issues from childhood that need to be explored.

When this happens, we like to be able to refer enquirers to a reputable counsellor or therapist in the area where they live, or who specialises in a specific discipline that they may be interested in finding out more about. If that's you, and you'd like to be included on our therapist referral list, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Email: stephen@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk

Hoffman Parenting Workshops
June 24 and September 30, 2017

We are very excited to announce two new dates for our Hoffman Parenting workshops.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the parenting workshops last weekend, led by Eliza Meredith and Michelle Matthews. We were delighted to welcome such a range of experience and insights from parents and parents-to-be and we are grateful to both groups for being so present, supportive and open to sharing. 

Building on the success of the day we are delighted to be able to offer more chances for you and your friends to come and learn about the foundations in parenting young children. 

Upcoming dates: June 24 and September 30 at Regents University, Regents Park, London

Couple and individuals are welcome to attend, whether they have done the Process or not.

'I'm really glad I came, I feel positively reinforced in my parenting and I have heard lots of ideas that I can use in daily life whilst spending time with my kids. Thank you!'

Workshop participant
Upcoming dates for March and April

Come to Closure
Thursdays March 9, April 6 & April 20
Celebrate with new graduates and re-experience that Hoffman connection.

Click here for more information and to book

London Support Evening
Friday 17 March, 
An informal meeting of London-based Hoffies, led by Hoffman UK co-founder Serena Gordon.
Click here for more information and to book

Reconnection Day
Saturday 25 March
Revisit the Hoffman tools, meet up with other grads and reconnect to your ‘Hoffman Vibe’!
Click here for more information and to book

Bristol Support Evening
Tuesday 11 April
The chance for Hoffman grads in the South West to reconnect, led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza.
Click here for more information and to book
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Post-Process events, click
Hoffman events for family and friends

Information Phone-In: 7.30-8.30pm
Tuesday 7 March

Hoffman Process Introduction Day
Perfect for friends or family who want to know more about the Process and try some of the techniques. 
Saturday 11 March
The Guild of Psychotherapists, London    

Information Evening: 7.30-9pm
Tuesday 28 March
Regent's University, London     

Upcoming Process Dates
March 4-10: Wait List*
March 18-24: Wait List*
April 01-07: Wait List*
April 15-21: Wait List*
April 29-May 5: Wait List*
May 27-June 2: Available
June 10-16: Available

*When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available. Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for full details.
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Hoffman tool - for stepping forward without fear

Take a moment to connect to your Spiritual Self.

Imagine you, in your most beautiful form, with the qualities of your Spiritual Self, walking through your daily life down the Right Road. Picture the consequences of choosing a new way of being supported by clarity, strength, love and wisdom.

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