Hoffman graduate e-newsletter | March 2019
The prospect of a week's self-improvement in the company of two dozen strangers was pretty much 'an introvert’s nightmare' for writer Trish Lesslie. As she realised before registering for the Process, 'personal development in a group setting is never a spectator sport'.

So why sign up? 'Basically, I wanted serious change – and fast. Years of sporadic one-to-one counselling have helped me keep the depression I’m prone to at bay for many years. But there were issues stemming from my childhood that still hung over me like a cloud. They had darkened my life for too long and I was determined to get out of their shadow once and for all. I hoped the intensity of the week long Process would finally do the trick, difficult as I knew it would be.'

Luckily, she found the Process 'designed to encourage trust, openness and honesty... Two years on from that incredible experience, I can say with confidence that I slayed my biggest demon. I’m happier and calmer than I’ve ever been.'

We'd like to thank Trish for sharing her Process Story.
To read the full interview on our website, click here
Naïri Gaspari is a research scientist and writer, who says she's 'driven by questioning the world within and around us'. A PHD in physics means she's equally at home wrestling with quantum theory as she is getting to grips with her Quadrinity.

We're very grateful to Nairi for an article that was published last month in Goodness , 'the Middle East's first platform dedicated to holistic wellness,' in which she shares her candid experience of the Hoffman Process.

'It takes a while to land, to find one’s footing. I spent the Process week immersed in my past, in the joys and pains that shaped me, sharing this raw experience with strangers who would become friends.

I arrived at the Hoffman Process thinking that, at worst, it would be a waste of time and that, at best, I might learn something of myself. Instead, I left having found out something about not only myself but life...'

Multi-talented Naïri is also the artist behind the artwork 'Lovers' (pictured). You can read her full feature online here
Do you have a Process Story you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!
Either call the office on +44 (0)1903 88 99 90 or  email: info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk
Wonderful to see Hoffman graduate Emily Dean in The Sunday Times last week promoting her autobiography Everybody died, so I got a dog.

Writer and radio presenter Emily is Frank Skinner's co-host on Absolute Radio and presents the fabulous podcast series Walking the Dog . We're grateful that she was kind enough to give Hoffman a mention in both the book and the interview. Thank you Emily! Here's what The Times had to say:

'At the end of 2016, having tried antidepressants, Dean enrolled on the Hoffman Process. She had realised that it wasn’t just grief that was wrong with her...
The Hoffman Process really helped. Having gone in wearing a sticker on which she had written 'Unloveable', she emerged lighter and resolved on change. She would live in the kind of beautiful space to which she once thought only others were entitled (the dog-owning kind). She would get a new career away from magazines, concentrating more on writing and broadcasting, working with comedians. And finally, she would get a puppy.'

Those with a Times subscription can read the interview
here, or an article by Emily on our website here. You can also listen here to her very funny podcast with Russell Kane where he talks about doing Hoffman.
Hoffman grad Zara Balfour is an award-winning film director and producer with almost 20 years experience in documentary and content production. Her first feature production Children of the Snow Land is released in the UK this month, starting with a premiere at Curzon Soho on Thursday 14th March.

In Zara's words, the documentary 'tells the story of children from the high Himalayas who are separated from their families at age 4 so that they can receive an education in the city. They don't see their parents again for 12 years, when, aged 16, they trek back to the highest inhabited villages on the planet to reconnect with their parents and an ancient way of life'.

'There are some strong Hoffman themes in the film about family and coming to terms with our childhood. The children in our film all think there's something wrong with them until they are reunited with their parents and see their extremely basic, impoverished lifestyle.'

An estimated 6 million children live away from family in schools and institutions, despite having a living parent.

Zara's film is independently produced and relying on word of mouth to raise awareness of some of their stories.

To see screening dates or arrange a community screening in your area, click here .
Reconnection Days are like an M.O.T. and your mechanic is a Hoffman facilitator with the perfect tool kit.

Our one-day workshop in March will allow you to run a diagnostic on all four aspects or your self, to have a good old rummage under your bonnet and shine a Hoffman spotlight on your life as it is today. Leave with your tank refuelled and your spiritual engine purring...

The next Reconnection Day day will be led by Supervising Hoffman facilitator Mairi Russell (pictured here with Gabor Mate) . If you’re facing a crossroads at work, in a relationship, or with health, stress or self-esteem, don't feel you need to keep motoring on alone - come along and reconnect.

Venue: Guild of Psychotherapists, London, SE1 0QA
Cost: £120
For more information and to book, click here

Our next Reconnection Day is on Saturday 15 June . For details, click here.
Led by members of the Hoffman support team, our evening gatherings offer the chance to connect, share and deepen your learning.

Hoffman-led Bristol support group
For more information and to book,  click here

Hoffman-led London support group
For more information and to book,  click here

Hoffman-led  Sussex support group
Date:   Friday 24 May
For more information and to book,  click here

We also list details on our website of anyone happy to be a contact/meeting co-ordinator for grads in their local area. Social meetups on the radar for March include: Norfolk, Edinburgh, Birmingham , Manchester, Bath and Bahrain .

Click here to visit the graduate connection page - you'll need the password 'support.'
Did you leave the Process with a feeling of pure optimism, but have found your old behaviours creeping back? Has something new arrived in your life and you'd like to give it the Hoffman treatment? Have you unfinished work to do with surrogates, personal relationships or work issues?

Sometimes described as the 'mini-Process’, Q2 is a weekend refresher exclusively for Hoffman graduates that gives you the space to reconnect with your Hoffman experience, to brush up your tools and and to work on any new issues that are coming up for you today. The additional benefit of the Q2 is that you can do it as a couple, with siblings, and with other Hoffman friends.

Venue:  Florence House , East Sussex
Led by: Matthew , Mairi and Emma
Price:  £975

For full information and to book,   click here.

Our next Q2 will take place at Florence House from 29 November to 1 December. For details, click here.
Our specially-developed Hoffman  Foundations in Parenting  workshop focuses on the emotional nurturing of babies and children through the early years (from ages 0-12) and how our own behavioural patterns impact on our role as their caregivers. This one-day workshop is led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and Parenting Coach Michelle Matthews .

The day is open to parents and carers, childminders, teachers, parents-to-be and grandparents, whether they’ve done the Hoffman Process or not. Come on your own or as part of a parenting couple – either way, you’ll find yourself gaining insight in the supportive company of a group of others facing similar challenges.

Date:  Saturday 18 May , 9.00am-5.00pm
Venue:   The Welsh Chapel Clapham, SW11 1PQ
Cost:   £90 per person/£170 for two people

For full information and to book,   click here
Closure evenings  are held on Process Thursdays from 5pm. They're open to all Hoffman graduates, regardless of where and when you did your Process - w e also love to see Process groups returning on their anniversary.
Re-experience the ceremony of integration, celebrate with new grads, share your Post-Process experience and recommit to your Hoffman Vow. Dinner is on us. 

Florence House (East Sussex)
21 March with Jeremy, Eliza and Mairi
18 April with Jeremy, Eliza and Janet
25 April with Mairi, Matthew and Emma
9 May with Janet, Matthew and Holger
30 May with Emma, Tim and Julia

Broughton Hall (Yorkshire)
7 March with Janet, Emma and Matthew

Click here   for a full list of Closure dates. There's no charge for Closure, but please do  email and let us know or call the office if you're planning to come on 01903 88 99 90.
The Hoffman French Retreat? L iste d'attente...
Treat yourself to a unique Hoffman reconnection and some intense Gallic relaxation at the Hoffman French Retreat near Bordeaux this April.

Our five-night retreat will be led by Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Matthew Pruen (pictured) and his wife Emma at their beautiful home in the French countryside. Experience Hoffman-based exercises enhanced with techniques from Emma's work as a self-esteem mentor and shamanic practitioner, while you refresh your understanding of the Hoffman tools, refine your Process vision and re-experience the power of sharing group energy.

When you're not working on your patterns or enjoying the French Retreat's plentiful and nutritious food, you're free to play; each afternoon is kept free for you to have a massage, relax by the pool or explore the local area.

Dates: 7-12 April (arrive on Sun pm for a Mon am start)
Venue: La Loge, 16210 Yviers, Bordeaux/Bergerac, France
Cost: £995 per person, to cover all tuition, food, accommodation and airport transfers

For more info and to join the wait list, click here.
* When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Ring the office on 01903 88 99 90 for details.
Information Evenings:

Information Phone-In:

Introduction Day:

Process Dates:
March 16-22: Wait List
April 13-19: Available
April 20-26: Available
May 4-10: Available
May 25-31: Available
June 8-14: Available
June 22-28: Available

For a full calendar of Hoffman Process dates, click here.
March's top tip: Bodyworks
This month, try keeping track of how you're treating your Body.

Give some thought to areas such as hygiene, nutrition, alcohol consumption and exercise. Write an honest assessment of how well you are taking care of your 'earth suit.' Take note of where improvements could be made and begin to act on them today.

As a starter, you could step away from your screen and do some stretches right now...

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