We are often asked what it’s like for children whose parents go to do the Hoffman Process. How will mum or dad come back? Will they have changed? 

In this interview we hear first-hand from Sam, who was 15 when his Mum did the Process:

'When my Mum first said she was thinking about doing Hoffman, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She suggested I should do some research online and then we could talk it through.

We hadn’t really spent time away from each other before, and it was strange knowing that I wouldn’t be able to text or ring for a whole week, but it actually went by really quickly...'

To read Sam's story (and a few tips from his mum), click here.

For those with children who might not be ready to commit to a full week away from them, our next Hoffman parenting workshop is on Saturday 2 November . For full details and to book, click here.
Do you have a Process Story you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!
Either call the office on +44 (0)1903 88 99 90 or  email: info@hoffmaninstitute.co.uk
Multi-award-winning comedian, presenter, actor, author and scriptwriter Russell Kane is best known for the BBC podcast, Evil Genius and his many TV appearances.

Hoffman grad Russell's latest work is a book about his childhood, and specifically his father. Son of a Silverback is released on 31 October and described as 'a story about fathers and sons, class and education and how one scrawny, sensitive, fake-tan-applying 'ponce' stepped out of his father's shadow and became a man - whatever that means.'

Although the book focuses on Russell's life pre-Hoffman, he's been kind enough to acknowledge the effect that doing the Process has had on his career:

“Every day I wake up and use some sort of Hoffman tool. Attending that course transformed almost every part of my mental landscape, apart from one - the creative bit - that fortified. Now I can be manic on stage, but calm as a monk meditating in a waterfall when I’m off.”

For more details on all things Russell, click here
To pre-order Son of a Silverback on Amazon , click here
#TherapyLab  i s a podcast channel run by the founder of  Harley Therapy , psychotherapist, entrepreneur and Hoffman grad Dr Sheri Jacobson. Through an ever-growing series of interviews, Sheri and a range of guests explore insights into therapy, mental health and wellbeing in general.

Hoffman MD and co-founder Serena Gordon braved Sheri's sofa last month to talk about the role of the Hoffman Process in bringing about personal transformation - a theme that Sheri has vouched for first-hand:

"Since returning from the course, one of my closest friends observed that I had changed – she commented that I was stronger and more confident. I too felt this self-acceptance and sense of ease in relation to others."

We'd like to thank  Harley Therapy  for inviting Hoffman to be part of the  #TherapyLab   success story.

To listen to the podcast (41 minutes),  click here
To read Sheri's Process Story on our website,  click here
We're delighted to have been involved with the inaugural issue of a new series of ‘bookazines’ from the team behind Psychologies magazine this month.

The first in their series, Create the career you want is focused on understanding how to build the career you really want and how to create an action plan to fulfil your professional dreams.

This special edition is packed full of advice from world-class experts and inspiration from real people who have forged their dream careers. It might also feature a Hoffman tool or two...

Create the career you want will be in shops from 25 October.
To pre-order your copy, click here
Hoffman UK founder Tim Laurence will be visiting Dubai and Kuwait in November, leading events for people who have already done the Process and (in Dubai) for family and friends who might be interested in finding out more about what's involved.

There's FAR too much information to include here - please click here for an overview, or any of the orange links below for information about specific events.

One-day workshop for Hoffman graduates

All welcome; suitable for friends and family

An evening event for Hoffman graduates
Imagine if you could add an extra three days to your Process to gain a firmer grip on Hoffman tools or work through any current issues in your life... With Q2, you can!

Q2 is an intense Hoffman refresher that you can attend with partners, family, or friends who have done the Process. There’s no limit to the amount of Q2s you can attend.

Our last Q2 of 2019 takes place at Florence House, where
double, twin and triple accommodation is available (on a first-come, first-served basis).

'Q2 really helped me let go of things that I didn't realise I was still holding onto... negative things that didn't need to hold me back any more.'

Venue: Florence House, East Sussex
Cost: £975, including meals and accommodation
Led by: Mairi Russell and Matthew Pruen

For more information and to book, click here
Are you fed up with being 'unlucky in love?' Do you feel like nobody out there 'gets' you, or that you're repeatedly wasting time on the wrong type of partner?

Our two-day workshop in central London encourages you to focus fully and honestly on what you bring to your intimate relationships, and on what you expect from those around you. In a confidential and supportive setting, you'll explore new strategies for attracting and sustaining healthy bonds, and be given practical tools to take away.

'Just brilliant. Whether you’re in, out or undecided in your relationship, you’ll learn tools that will help you for the rest of your life. It’s brought clarity, understanding and forgiveness.'

Venue: St Luke's, Islington, London
Cost: £300
Led by: Matthew Pruen and Emma Macpherson

For more information and to book, click here
Foundations in parenting  is a one day workshop that's open to parents and carers, childminders, teachers, and grandparents, whether they’ve done the Hoffman Process or not. It’s led by Supervising Hoffman Facilitator Eliza Meredith and parenting coach Michelle Matthews.

The workshop uses Bob Hoffman’s theory of  Negative Love to look at emotional nurturing of babies and children through the early years (from ages 0-12) and how our own behavioural patterns impact on our role as caregivers.

' Reassured to hear others describing similar struggles. Arrived thoroughly worn out, left feeling recharged and positive. 100% recommended!'

Venue: The Welsh Chapel , Clapham, SW11 1PQ
Cost: £100 per person or £180 for two people

For more information and to book, click here
Led by members of the Hoffman team, our evening support groups offer the chance to connect, share and deepen your Hoffman learning.

Bristol s upport group
Led by: Supervising Hoffman facilitator, Eliza Meredith
For more information and to book, click here

London support group
Led by: Hoffman co-founder and MD, Serena Gordon
For more information and to book, click here

Sussex s upport group
Led by: Hoffman support leader, Nikki Wyatt
For more information and to book,  click here
Closure evenings   are held on Process Thursdays from 5pm.
Re-experience the ceremony of integration, celebrate with new grads, share your Post-Process experience and recommit to your Hoffman vow. Dinner is on us. 

Florence House (East Sussex)
10 October with Eliza, Emma and Janet
24 October with Matthew, Mairi and Stella
7 November with Mairi, Matthew and Emma
21 November with Jeremy, Janet and Emma
12 December with Emma, Eliza and Jeremy

Click here   for a full list, including Closure dates in 2020.

There's no charge for Closure, but please do  email and let us know if you're planning to come - or call the office on 01903 88 99 90.
The   Graduate Connect   page  on our website  is a list of regional Hoffman volunteers who have offered to be a contact/meeting co-ordinator for local events. 

Unlike our Hoffman-led support groups, grad connect meeting-ups are mainly social. Over the next few weeks, Sophie's organised a meetup at Megan's in Parson's Green, Vee's leading a walk around historic Hambledon in Hampshire (pictured) and Paul's inviting Machester grads for food and a natter at Common in the Northern Quarter. New meet-ups and activities are added all the time.

Click here   to visit the graduate connection page and find more details and - you'll need the password: 'support.'  

As always, a huge thanks to all of our Grad Connect volunteers. If you're interested in being a contact in your area, we'd be delighted to hear from you.  Click here  to email Lucy in the office.
* When a Process is on a Wait List, a place may still become available.
Information Evenings:

Information Phone-In:

Introduction Day:

Process Dates:
October 5-11: Wait List *
October 19-25: Wait List *
November 2-8: Wait List *
November 16-22: Available
December 7-13: Available

There are only a handful of Process places left before the end of this year; 2020 dates can be found on our website here .
October's top tip: watch your words!
Research has shown our success rate can be strongly affected by the words we use.

'I can't' , ' I mustn't ' and ' I shouldn't ' are disempowering and limiting. ' I can ', ' I'll try' and ' I'll give it a go' , on the other hand, can provide much higher rates of success.

This month, think carefully about the language you use. Do you often fall into the trap of using negative words or phrases?

Start listening to yourself as well as those around you. It's fascinating what a difference words can make.

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